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Current climes

Hello all,
In this very unusual time, I'm reaching out to say 'ola' and that we are still here and we will be here ready and able to welcome you to this beautiful place when the restrictions are lifted. Life is in the word lifted, and that is what we are dreaming of, life returning to normal :)
The coronavirus has taken us all unawares, the world is a different and oft worrying place right now, but this will change. We will get back, we will come out of our homes and breathe the fresh air again, be on the beach, on the mountain, in the cool blue sea and in the sky.

And maybe we will be different people, better, stronger.

Down here in the SW Algarve as is everywhere the lockdown is biting. We are subsisting on home made bread and vegetables, drinking tap water and playing card games. Missing our families like everyone, our two sons are both in Cornwall and we can only see them on a screen. Heath virtually lives in the garage! At least all our tools are going to be very tidy and all in the right place, probably labelled and organised by size/colour/shape/brand/?... when this is over ;)

It is quiet outdoors, the skies and beaches are empty, gulls wheel above unsurfed waves which are breaking on untouched sand, not a footprint in sight. The normally bustling Algarve feels like a desert island. However it is beautiful!
Local wildlife is sharing our lockdown in their sudden freedom. The air is clear and fresh, spring flowers are in bloom, rabbits, foxes and boar are tiptoeing across lanes and roads where they would not normally pass.

However, it will pass, we will all soon be back in action, out and about. Although it is a very difficult and hard time for many, we will endure together, our website is currently running as normal and is open for bookings. As soon as we are able we will open the doors to the public again and we hope very much to see you here before too long 💜.


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