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Dolphin trip!

Hi from beautiful Sagres.
Last week we went on a Dolphin trip from Sagres Port. An incredible outing to see these beautiful animals it could not have been more enjoyable.
We went with Marilimitado, a great local tour run by friendly and informed marine biologists. Launching from Sagres harbour the rib got up speed fast and we raced out into the endless wide blue expanse of the Atlantic. Heading south directly out to sea was an exhilerating feeling. It was a calm day with a light breeze, perfect conditions for spotting dolphins.
We had friends, family and small chiildren on the boat, and it wasn't long before the skipper took us to just the right location and there we came across a small pod of common dolphin. We spent a lovely 30 minutes with the animals, watching them as they swam around the bow of the boat and underwater just a few feet from us. It was very special and we felt blessed to be able to spend that time with these beautiful creatures.
Interacting with the wild means events such as these are left up to nature's wish, and the experience to see them so close as they glided through such clear aquamarine waters of south west Algarve was wonderful.
Reluctantly leaving we turned for shore. The view on the return trip was just as amazing with a panoramic view of Sagres, the Fortaleza, Tonel Beach, Mareta Beach and we could see where Tonel Cottage was situated. With the wind in our hair and the sun on our faces we raced back over the wave tops and back to harbour.
A great trip, highly recommended.


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